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Welcome to our website! I hope with us you can find what you are looking for! 

We created our photography business with the idea of having high-end photography combined with a luxury experience and quality customer service. You will find such a broad range of styles in photography, but we have chosen to base ours around our strengths: a beautiful, artistic, and timeless style.

There are two sides to our business. Levi is the wedding and portrait photographer, and Katie is in charge of all family sessions. Although we shoot different things, we both care about having the same quality and attention to detail in all of our shoots, and it allows each of us to focus on what we are passionate about.

We would love if you’d take a look at more of our work. To do so click the link below.


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Want to know a little about us? Yes we are a husband and wife team. Marriage and family is a big deal to us, which is why we focused our business on those two things. We currently have two little girls, Zayley and Adley, and we love nothing more than enjoying them both. We are both Christians, and pursuing God is at the top of our list of importance. In our free time, we love spending time with our family and friends. You will find us both to be laid-back, hard-working, and genuinely kind-hearted people.


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If you’ve made it this far, you have probably viewed and liked our best photos. But what we'd love for you to see is the consistency that we can provide in documenting this moment in your life. Take a look at our recent sessions below to see a fuller body of work. Do you want to see what an entire wedding day looks like with us? If so you can find one HERE.

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People often say that photography is the only thing that you have left when an event is over. We honestly believe that. Pictures have the ability to capture memories, tell stories, and do so in a way that will last forever. On significant moments like your wedding day, you’ll only have one chance to capture these memories. We want to be the ones to capture these moments well.

Hopefully, after you’ve viewed our quality, gotten to know us, and looked at the consistency , we have earned your trust. If so contact us below, and we can talk about getting you booked!