Beautiful & Artistic Wedding Photography in Wichita, KS

Because your wedding will only happen ONCE,

and we want to photograph yours BEAUTIFULLY.


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Katie & Levi Photography

Wichita Area Wedding Photographers

Your wedding day is so incredibly special and unique. We want to capture you in a way that is worthy of the beauty and joy shown on your wedding day. 


Do We Fit Your Wedding Needs?

Is photography extremely important to you?  Do you believe the story of your wedding day should be captured in a beautiful and artistic way?

Do you want to have your pictures on display in your home forever in a beautiful one of a kind album?

Do you want to have two, hardworking photographers at your wedding who will do everything we can to take the stress off of you on your special day?

This is the bride and groom that we believe we are perfect for! For more information on availability and pricing (packages starting at $2000), please click below:

What We Do:

Though we both have two different styles, our work actually flows very well together. We want to tell the story of your wedding day in a beautiful, clean, and artistic way. We want to capture the great parts of your day, the little details that help make your day wonderful, and your special little moments that no one else may notice. We have done this many times and this is what we want to do for you!

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Katie & Levi

We are wedding photographers simply because we love weddings. So many things about a wedding day are fitting to things in life that we truly care about. The joy of your wedding day...the beauty of each bride we get to see...the emotion in the groom as his wife walks down the aisle...the power of saying "I do"... all of your loved ones celebrating with you.  We love weddings because there is nothing else in this life quite like a wedding and we consider it a great honor to be a part of each one. 

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